about me

As a gay Muslim born to a family that fled from war, I was born with a story to tell. I live to do work that leaves us with stories that change the world.

Facts At A Glance

Born in Canada

Based in Toronto

Pronouns He/Him

Loves You

Where I've Been Featured

What I'm Known For

At a time when NGOs and charities were still trying to understand social media, I travelled to my ethnic homeland of Bangladesh to start leveraging social media for social good.

I called this work “The Uncultured Project”.

The Uncultured Project involved using YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to chronicle my personal journey to try and make a difference in the world. I partnered with local and international NGOs and changemakers to share stories of those in need, spotlight individuals and organizations making a difference, and fundraise to create happy endings for many featured in the stories I shared.

Who I've Worked With

What I Did As My Work Grew

The Uncultured Project soon became the most popular social media presence on the issue of global poverty and international charity. At its height, it was more popular than even UNICEF and Bono’s ONE Campaign. As the popularity of this work grew, so too did the scale and scope of my work.

In the face of rising Islamic extremism, I began to use my work as a platform for interfaith cooperation. This included flying to Bangladesh with help from a Hasidic Rabbi to live and work with The Catholic Church to fundraise and build a school for a Hindu village.

Where I've Been Honoured

What I'm Doing Next

The Uncultured Project and my time in Bangladesh came to a close after I was forced (under threat of being outed) to publicly reveal my sexual orientation. Death threats I have personally received, alongside the murder of LGBTQ activists in Bangladesh by Islamists, made my work there no longer safe or sustainable.

In the wake of this adversity, I have returned to Canada where I have since completed additional studies at the University of Toronto, been a public speaker at various organizations including the Red Cross and Ryerson University, and have been featured on NPR, BBC, CBC, Global News, Maclean’s and The Globe & Mail. Please see my portfolio and resume for more information.

No matter how my next chapter unfolds, I will always share stories that change the world.